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We offer Mortgages to buy a home or refinance your current mortgage.
Most other lenders charge you for a pre-approval letter; not 1st Berge! Free Purchase Mortgage Pre-Approvals are always available to our members. Realtors and Home Sellers alike want to know you have been pre-approved for the mortgage loan you need. Many other lenders charge you for a pre-approval letter; not 1st Bergen!
Already have a mortgage but wondering if the right time to refinance is now? Perhaps you have an adjustable rate mortgage and would prefer a fixed rate; maybe you’d like to combine your current mortgage and home equity loan into one, low rate, loan. Now may be the right time to refinance into a new mortgage for your home.
Unlike banks and mortgage companies 1st Bergen will provide you with a free Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs right on the spot! Check out your options! Click Here for our Mortgage Center where you will find our current rates, our online mortgage application and many helpful tools and resources to help you get the answers you need about your mortgage needs!

Why should you choose a Credit Union Mortgage instead of a Bank or Mortgage Company?
The Credit Union Difference
• Lower closing costs!
Credit Unions are member owned, not for profit, full service financial institutions. 1st Bergen’s members have low closing costs because there are no "junk fees" or third party charges. For example: most lenders charge an application fee and then at closing, charge the borrower additional fees for the costs of their appraisal and credit report. We do not collect an application fee. Also, the credit union is not obligated to outside investors who themselves charge fees that are charged back to the borrower. Plus, there are no commissioned loan officers at the credit union so costs are kept lower!
• You know us…
Stability! You'll have the comfort of knowing that with a conventional credit union mortgage loan from us you will always be making your payments to your credit union. You're not just a number to us; you will enjoy the same level of superior member service as you do with all of your other dealings with the credit union. All mortgage payments will be handled by the credit union and not switched from company to company as time goes by. Of course an automatic deduction for payments from your credit union checking or savings account is always an option. It's up to you!
We work with you to find the mortgage program that best serves your needs
Options! While we of course follow proper lending practices, we are not forced to follow "cookie-cutter", black and white, approval guidelines as so many banks and mortgage companies are. We have the flexibility to make a sound decision on a loan based on the overall picture of our member’s situation rather than a strict formula. There are often alternative options available even if your loan file does not meet standard bank guidelines. While such loans may be subject to different terms; i.e. extra discount points at closing, a lower loan amount, a different loan program or a longer term loan we try our best to help you get the mortgage you want.
The goal of our team of mortgage professionals is to counsel and guide our members along the path to home ownership. When you are purchasing a home, Free Mortgage Loan Pre-Approvals are always available.
• Privacy & Security!
Your name, address and personal/financial profile will not be sold or shared with other companies seeking to sell you their products and services. Often, banks, mortgage brokers or mortgage companies view their relationships with their "Customers" as a product they can sell to make more money. Not here at 1st Bergen! We cherish our relationship with our members and share your desire for confidentiality. We provide you with the security of knowing that outsiders will never solicit you for products and services you neither need nor want! View our Privacy Policy here.